May 27, 2008

The GSIS Monster and a Seair special

BEEN feeling really bleah since Sunday evening but I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say my brain has lost some matter and so I shall be making lazy posts today. Seeing GSIS president Winston Garcia's pigface on TV didn't help; it just made me feel even worse as I tried to recuperate while watching TV. (I appreciate the objectivity of ANC, and Maria Ressa's crew should really be commended for covering all sides of the Meralco takeover issue very well, but perhaps that was just a tad too long a spot for Winston's blathering in his presscon, much too long. I mean, really. Ick!)

What's up with Winston anyway? Hasn't he made enough trouble over at the GSIS, using up members' monies to buy art pieces, delaying members' medical reimbursements (I should know, my Dad was one of them), and making it difficult for members to take out loans? Now he wants to take over Meralco, too?! Hey, I'm not happy w/ my Meralco bill either but having the government take over this company is just going to make things worse. Since when has government been efficient?

Buti nga na-heckle si taba kanina sa Meralco stockholders' meeting! And he talks about Meralco's arrogance? Who's been acting like a spoiled brat over this issue anyway? I'm pretty sure he threatened the SEC commissioners their jobs that's why they issued that cease-and-desist order (a first time in Philippine corporate history, mind you!) for the stockholders meeting this morning. (Bravo for the SEC though because I think the commissioners deliberately fudged the order so it could be forever questioned.)

Winston should go back to Cebu where he belongs.

UPDATE: Lopezes retain control of Meralco (Read it here)

* * *

Anyhoo, I just got this email from Lino Zapanta, president of Southeast Asian Airlines (Seair), and he has good news for all you travelers out there:

Dear colleagues,

The airline bargain season is upon us. This is the time to take advantage of truly budget flying to your fantasized leisure destinations like Boracay, Busuanga, Baler and Daet from Manila; Busuanga and Boracay from Clark, and from Caticlan to Busuanga. For this period, starting June 2 we're selling these routes for a song, a real low, all-in, no hidden charges, roundtrip price per passenger of:


for flying starting June 16 or any day up to mid October. Seats are quite limited so the sooner you book the better. Take the whole family. Prices are never like this in SEAIR, the airline that operates the fastest flights to your favorite leisure destinations such as Boracay and Busuanga.

Lino Zapanta

Wow! I like!

Let the low-season travel fun begin!

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