May 13, 2008

If you found a bag w/ a million pesos, what would you do? And the best lamb adobo

Finally some good news amid all the posturing over the Meralco/high power rates issue, and rice crisis created by the presidentita herself. Ano ba 'yang babaeng 'yan, walang ginawa kundi pumunta sa DOJ at lumabas sa TV at magpa-photo op! I think she must have visited the agency like four times already to check out kuno the progress in cases against so-called rice traders. Micromanager? No, super KSP lang, graveh! promised, the good news...

Waiter returns a million pesos
ABS-CBN News online
May 12, 2008

What would you do if you discovered an abandoned bag with a million pesos in it?

A waiter at a restaurant in a mall found one on Wednesday and decided to look for the owner and give the money back.

Alexander "Stitch" Latag found the money in a blue SM plastic bag on a seat outside Cyma restaurant in Greenbelt 2 where he works. At first, Stitch thought that the bag was just trash but checked the contents first before throwing it out.

"I looked at it to check whether it was trash or a bomb," Latag said with a laugh. Latag said he got nervous when he saw bundles of P1000 bills inside the bag. When he showed it to a colleague, a lot of things played on their minds, he said. They thought it might be ransom money or for illegal purposes.

Latag said he saw the woman who left the bag outside Cyma. He waited one-and-a-half hours for her to come back and when she didn't, Stitch gave the bag to their manager, Jay Espinosa. (Read on at Waiter returns millions.)

Kudos to Chef Robby Goco and his professional and honest staff.

* * * *

Okay, the honesty part done with, but why the Eff would someone bring around P1 million in cash and in a plastic bag man din? I mean are you nuts, lady? Haven't you heard of attaché cases? Ahm chure napagalitan ka ng boss mo at ang kapal mo'ng kumain muna bago i-deposit yang pera sa bangko. Someone at POEA better check if this manpower recruitment agency even has a license! Imagine charging their clients P200,000 each?!

* * * *

Speaking of Greek food, I went to this Greek resto by the beachfront in Boracay last Saturday, and gads! that was the driest and saltiest lamb adobo I've ever tasted! (Why lamb adobo is in a Greek menu to begin with is beyond me. After all, adobo is more a Pinoy thing although technically, it's Spanish in origin, i.e. "adobar", to marinate.) Miggy and I also had the spanakopita (feta cheese in a rather thick phyllo pastry) and a Mati salata (greens, walnuts in a tart vinaigrette)...which were quite ordinary. If I may quote one respected young food writer's text message to me, the food in this restaurant is "nothing to write home about." No wonder the resto was empty except for three tables, and that included us.

Anyhoo, for the best lamb adobo, go to Bro's Mustache at Sct. Madriñan in QC. Eat it with garlic rice (or crusty bread and sop up the juices in the olive oil mix), while drinking San Mig Super Dry and listening to an acoustic Chikoy Pura sing Joe Jackson. Coolness, and yummy-ness! (Yummy lamb adobo, not Chikoy ha, although pwede na rin! he-he)

Anyway, I once asked Gigi Vinzon, co-owner of Bro's Mustache, the recipe to her lamb adobo. (Whoa, this lady can cook!) But try as might, I couldn't get it down to perfection. Ahm chure she left out a secret ingredient. Oooh Francine, I am so missing that lamb adobo now. Lesgow!


anonymous said...

at least merong integrity si pangs ko, haha! of course i shall be writing about my own impressions of the food i happened to partake of in the same place..but then,as i said, different strokes for different folks... now, i am intrigued by that really good lamb adobo you mentioned in your blog... i wanna try that and see whether or not - and really- objectively - its as good as the lamb adobo of zuzuni - which was honestly good when i had it - now that i'm semi based in qc,its easier now to go that place, di ba? /negrosdude

Stella Arnaldo said...

Pangs, tutal buko ka na sa identity mo, and btw, I didn't even mention the name of the resto, you did...hahaha! but I just want to refresh your memory bec. you already ate that oh-so-yummy lamb adobo at Bro's Mustache!

The first time was during my b-day party I think sometime 2003/2004, upod pa ang mga Yukos kag mga Ugartes, Javiers, and the BSP press corps, at Bro's branch in Malate. You pronounced it then that it was very good. In fact Prandy also so loved it I even dropped off an order at his home a few weeks after my bday.

The next time you tasted it was at their branch at Sct Madriñan where you went nuts over this jazz singer who was so fugly but had a really good voice. Hahaha! Btw, you promised a writeup then.

When in doubt, take Glutaphos, di bala Ms. RP?

toots ople said...

stella, 200K as placement fee? sounds fishy to me. paging POEA....

Stella Arnaldo said...

Hey Toots. Thanks for dropping by ;)