May 19, 2008

Miley Cyrus and the controversial VF photo

TRUTH to tell, as I'm not 16 years old I knew very little of Miley Cyrus. I vaguely remembered reading about Hannah Montana and her father being the one-hit-wonder Billy Ray Cyrus ("But don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart..."), but that was about it.

And then a few weeks ago, a controversy apparently erupted about Miley's so-called scandalous photo in the latest issue of Vanity Fair and about her apology to her fans about it. Being a Disney Channel talent, I further read, forced her to make the apology considering that she is supposed to have a squeaky-clean image. Parent groups also supposedly took her task for that photo. Anyway, I reserved my judgement until I received my copy of VF. Then quickly forgot about the issue.

So a few days ago, Manong mailman finally delivered my long awaited June issue of VF. I scanned through the pages and came upon the supposedly scandalous photo of this young 15-year-old singer and all I can say, it's gorgeous. It is not even close to erotic or pornographic as people have been led to believe. If you see it up close and in the magazine itself, instead of the small megapixel copies available on the web, you will think it a brilliant work of art, as only Annie Leibowitz can deliver.

Sure there may be questions about her naked back, and tousled hair, but taken all together, nothing in the photo would make you think of "sex" unless you have a sick mind. You remember when you were 15? You weren't exactly a kid anymore who could cuddle in bed in between your parents, but neither were you a full-grown woman who could handle the complexities of sex and relationships.

Now if there were any questions of impropriety at all about the photos, then maybe a Disney representative should have been present at the photo shoot. Her parents were there on the set. And because Miley is a minor, I'm pretty sure Leibowitz and VF editors secured a release form for said photo. (In fact I took more offense at that photo with Miley and her dad Billy Ray in it. Now that was creepy and fugly.)

So Miley had a change of heart? (Is Britney Spears a virgin?) Perhaps Miley and her handlers just couldn't resist the opportunity to raise her publicity level even further. She and her handlers know that the wholesome image for teen celebrities never works in the long-term, so this may be their way of preparing for the time when Miley is "over the hill," so to speak. Just look at Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and Christina Aguilera. I mean really, magaling ba talaga kumanta at umarte itong batang ito?

Btw, there are far more interesting stories in the June issue of VF (cover is the late Bobby Kennedy) than the one on Miley Cyrus.

* * * *

On a related front, I can only wonder why Americans are becoming too uptight these days. They see pornography, sexual harrassment, and political incorrectness in just about everything. Only a few days ago, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama apologized to a reporter for calling her "sweetie." WTF?! I call a lot of people "sweetie", or "swit!" It is a term of endearment. Even the reporter herself, Peggy Agar was surprised with the apology, and quipped that she was more insulted that he had not answered her question instead of being called "sweetie."

Naku, masyado nang OA ang mga pipol jan sa States! Mr. Obama, you can call me "sweetie", anytime! In fact you can call me. Period. Right now.


Anonymous said...

this is parak ovama! hellow gorgie!

Stella Arnaldo said...

uhrm...pangs, 'kaw na naman yan anu?