December 28, 2008

Gov't peace negotiator's son in brawl

Another case of a small-town provincial politico trying to throw his weight around in Manila. And the father, a Cabinet secretary and newly-appointed gov't peace negotiator, did nothing to stop it. Peace negotiator, indeed.

(UPDATE 12/31/08: Sorry guys, I had to delete the video of businessman Delfin dela Paz – who was mauled by the son of Agrarian Reform secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. – being interviewed by ABS-CBN News. It seems that the news site doesn't archive its videos and so the one I had posted earlier, is now about Jinky Pacquiao having given birth. Who cares? Apparently, ABS-CBN does. Oh brother.)

Anyhoo, check out the blog of the victims' daughter/sister for more details.

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