December 01, 2008

This, of course, would never happen here

Cabinet Minister Resigns in Wake of India Attacks

NYT, Nov. 30, 2008

MUMBAI, India — The top domestic security official resigned in disgrace on Sunday for the failure to thwart or quickly contain the horrific terrorist attacks in Mumbai last week, as India’s government announced a raft of measures to bolster antiterrorism efforts and struggled to calibrate a response to what it views as Pakistani complicity. (Read the rest here)

HERE in our Pilipinas kong mahal, if anything of this sort happens, the Cabinet Secretary (or any government official/politico) would likely protest his innocence, and hang on to his job instead. Delicadeza has long been dead in the Philippines. No government official has ever taken responsibility for whatever faux pas, wrongdoing, or illicit activity in his department. Mas makapal pa sa goma ng gulong ang mga mukha!

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