December 13, 2008

No stopping Christmas

Something Like Life
Dec. 12, 2008

I finally sat down last Tuesday and started to wrap the gifts I would be giving to close family and friends this Christmas. As many of you probably know, I finished most of my Christmas shopping a long time ago, organized person that I am. But I never really found the initiative to actually wrap them until a couple of days ago. In the past, my gifts would be all wrapped as soon as December 1 kicked in. This year I just didn’t feel as excited as in previous years.

Maybe it’s because of all this talk of the global economic crisis. I can’t help but be fearful of what next year would bring. While the Bangko Sentral and the local banks continue to reassure us of the soundness of the banking system, small savers like me can’t help but still feel a bit unsure.

So I’ve postponed some necessary repair work for the house in favor of waiting it out next year. We just might need the extra cash next year. Being a small country, the Philippines, no matter how fundamentally sound our government economic managers would like us to believe it to be, will be affected by the turmoil in the bigger economies like the United States. If Americans stop buying our goods, a lot of people here may find themselves out of work. (The rest of my column in BusinessMirror. Photo from

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