April 17, 2009


(Photo from the Inquirer online)

I DON'T know broadcaster Ted Failon personally. But this case of his wife Trina's alleged suicide/homicide is just disturbing. It's just appalling the way the case is being handled by the Quezon City Police Dept. Arrests were made without warrants. And from what's been reported, the police never even bothered to read to the suspects their rights.

To be fair though, Failon's party is not entirely blameless. Cleaning up the bathroom where the apparent shooting took place was just a huge mistake. But then they probably just got too panicked. And some say they didn't want Failon's daughter to see what had happened. Unfortunately they may have inadvertently gotten rid of the only evidence that could exonerate Failon himself, as the police continue to lean towards him as the prime suspect in this case. (This is one of those cases when you want Gil Grissom of CSI or Mack Taylor of CSI New York to turn up and find out what happened. In their shows, they usually can still find evidence in a crime scene even when it's washed down. We hope it's the same in this case.)

But this is just turning into a circus. The police pushed and pulled suspects, shouted at them or the media, totally behaved like asses even in plain view of the public. Not quite the right beginning to what should be a professional investigation. Then there are so many people jumping into the picture like that gal from the Commission on Human Rights, goofy Justice Secretary Gonzales, and the long-haired lady from the Public Defender's Office.

I just feel awful for Failon and his family for what they're going through, especially with the passing of Trina. But I believe they should be strong enough to face this and allow the police to do their job as well. The latter may be rude and crude, but they need to attend to the matter at hand and get all the necessary evidence for this case. So Failon should allow the cops to administer a paraffin test to his wife, and maybe ask forensic expert Dr. Raquel Fortun to conduct a thorough autopsy on his wife's body, because she could uncover some proof that indeed, Trina's injury was self-inflicted.

Our deepest condolences to Failon and his family.

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limahong said...

crooked pinoy cops. no decency. galing kotong lang.