April 04, 2009

More to see (and buy!) in Cebu

MORE on my trip in fabulous Cebu: I also visited Carcar, famous for its chicharon, old houses, an historic church, and leather sandals. To buy your pasalubongs for loved ones back home, drop by the Islands Pasalubong Center on the way to the Mactan airport.

(The centuries-old Carcar Church. Those are the images of the apostles on the posts.)

(Carcar has a lot of old houses as well. Unfortunately, some of them are now used as commercial stores. Paging the Heritage Center!)

(Leather sandals and shoes are a major product of Carcar, aside from its famous chicharon w/ laman.)

(The just-completed travel lounge at the Islands Pasalubong Center, a one-stop-store for travel essentials, Cebu T-shirts and local delicacies.)

(Colorful T-shirts from Islands Souvenirs by businessman Jay Aldeguer.)

(Love these bags. I bought the one in lavender.)

(Otap heaven.)

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Fun said...

Love carcar's chicharon. I was even thinking of selling online like bags and sandals from carcar they're cheap though.

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