April 28, 2009

Juday and Ryan wedding photos!

(Photo by Patrick Uy via PEP. Click here for more.)

WHILE I'm not a Juday fan (nor any of the new local showbiz personalities, period), I love weddings! Juday looks so pretty here. In fairview, she has really grown up! No longer a the little fat kid, she is really gorgeous. Aliw. And from what I hear, she also a really nice, sweet personality that goes with the package.

Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds. Ryan you lucky dawg! (ala Randy Jackson)
* * * *

Speaking of artistas, I was on holiday in Boracay in last weekend (Seair's the only way to fly there), and there was a has-been actor walking along the beach with his gorgeous wife and cute daughter. Even though a has-been, he should be thankful that people still wanted to have their photo taken with him. Among those hapless fans were some young friends of mine. Pero wow, ang yabang ni Mr. Has Been daw! He didn't even want to look at the camera, and looked as if he was bored with all the fuss over him, like he couldn't be bothered. (I've seen the photo and my friends were right. Such posturing, hmmph!)

Well I never really thought he was a great actor to begin with, even if he did get paired up w/ the best among the local actresses. Apparently, he has always been this way, cold and aloof towards his fans, according to Miggy, another friend who got turned off by his attitude. No wonder his star flickered out so fast! And here I thought all along that his lola raised him properly. Hmmm...watch out dude. McDo wasn't really that long time ago you know.


Anonymous said...

richard gomez

Anonymous said...

if you love weddings then you'll love what's going to happen to mar wowowee roxas and his koring in a few months (ugh)

Stella Arnaldo said...

@ anonymous 7:50 pm: Yeah I'm super ecstatic! Can't you tell, I haven't blogged about it at all, hahaha.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Pahabol for anonymous 7:50 pm:

"It was very mysterious. We thought it was Korina," he said, referring to ABS-CBN broadcaster Korina Sanchez who recently announced her engagement to Sen. Manuel Roxas. (Click here)

Anonymous said...

Day, bading si Ryan. His ex-boyfriend is a pilot na medyo DBF (de buena familia) that's why it's been kept such a good secret.
Ask his contemporaries sa Ateneo. They'll have stories to tell.

Stella Arnaldo said...

@Anonymous 4:49 PM: Wow talagah?! Di mas masaya para ke Juday. Me personal hairstylist and mook-up artist na sha! :P

Anonymous said...

Ay, hindi carry ni Ryan. Magaling si Jing Monis - kay ganda ni Juday, Bheng. Pero magaling daw sa interiors si Ryan, lalo na sa mga back exits. Hahaha!!!

nenette said...

one anonymous blogggers guess is Richard????but richard was nice to his fans and very approachable when he was in Boracay during Goma Cup ...i don't think it is Richard