April 17, 2009

Here's Margie now

THIS photo truly brought me joy.

Our colleague and friend Margie Quimpo-Espino has been recovering well (right, in wheelchair), thanks to everyone's prayers. She still has problems in her physical rehab, which is why Chet, her husband, is again asking for our prayers to help Margie along. Here's his email:

Happy Easter to all of you! Please see the attached photo -- this is Margie now. The picture was taken last Easter Sunday, after Holy Mass attended by members of both our families. We celebrated over lunch at home afterwards.

Margie gained another pound-and-a- half the week and has been eating well. She complains a lot but always finishes her food (e.g., "it's so hard to get this thin and you ask me to eat so much.")

Dr. Macalintal was visibly elated by her recovery when we came for a follow-up check today. But Dr. Gozum, Margie's rehab doctor, wasn't as happy. She's ordering more workouts as Margie's legs and left arm are way below expectations.

And this is why I write again, to ask for more of your prayers; more of the same prayers that got her this far.

Also, we have agreed to Ms. Karen Davila to feature our family in her show Wonder Mom which will air this Saturday at 9:45 a.m. Ms. Davila had wanted to do an inspirational story and we agreed that if that is the intention, then our story is not just ours to keep.

SO on their family's behalf, may I again seek your help in praying for Margie? God bless.

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