June 15, 2009

Interesting reads

SPENT most of the day reading and picked up some entertaining bits. Enjoy!

On CNN something nice about the Philippines for once:
"Taxis are the best way to negotiate the city, and they're cheap and plentiful, but it's worth jumping into the back of a crazily colorful jeepney at least once, just for the experience." (Click here for the rest.)

Only an iReport but at least as Pangs says, CNN pa din. And I'm glad it mentions Apartment 1B, one my fave restos in the Salcedo Village area, and the Saturday Salcedo Market. Too bad no mention of sungit Lola who makes the best kuhol sa gata there! Haha.

To those who said it wouldn't happen, eto na!
"The 52-year-old senator, dressed in a striped light-blue, buttoned-down shirt over black trousers, sang an old Tagalog love song to Korina. Comedians Tado and Jason Gainza accompanied Mar on the guitar.

"The 44-year-old Korina, in a light-bronze sleeveless dress, joined in the singing. ‘To keep Mar on-key,' explained a family friend who attended. Epy repeatedly reminded the audience, ‘He’s a senator [not a singer].’ " (Click here. Photo from Mar and Korina's blog.)

And guess who this cutie is?

He already has the confidence of a star even at 12 y.o. Click here to find out.

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