June 02, 2009

Unless you guys are hiding under a rock

YOU should be watching right now on ANC how pro-Cha-Cha congressmen are trying to railroad the approval of House Resolution 1109 which will convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly. This will allow them to push for changes in the 1987 Constitution to keep the presidentita in power.

History repeating itself! GMA doing a Marcos! Kawawang Pilipinas.

(Do you want this face to keep ruining your day for the next 20 years?)

(UPDATE 11:30 PM 06/02/09) Resolution is approved. Bloody hell. Congressmen to cha-cha after receiving their ka-ching, ka-ching! Click House OK's Con-ass


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I really wonder when will our countrymen ever wake up. I reluctantly migrated to the US after EDSA I, full of hope and pride for our country. After 22 years, I come home to a country that seems to have gotten worse corruption-wise to the detriment of the people's welfare. How truly sad it is...

Stella Arnaldo said...

@Anonymous 2:40 pm>>Pls. don't give up. Believe that there is still hope for this country. We can make a difference.