June 13, 2009

Springtime in Paris

TIME for more Chaka-khan kiddies! I recently picked up a few juicy bits about some very political people while rallying against Cha-Cha at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Ave. Not an unlikely place for gossip and rumor-mongering it seems. No names of course; we have to protect the subjects' horrors, este, honors.

(Photo from Newsweek)

ITEM #1: Da who is this muy guapo political persona who recently junked his membership from a certain political party to support a rival party's presidential candidate said to be dripping w/ cash courtesy of a rich relative by ahem, marriage? Supporters of El Traidor's old party were apparently fooled by his angelic charms but now drub him "mukang pera". Wag naman! But then, that could explain his recent controversial choices in clients. Of course, if he runs for senator as what my other sources intimate, he does need all the financial backing he can get. There's nothing wrong w/ being practical right?

ITEM #2: Da who is this presidentiable who may soon be following Senõr Soldado's footsteps and will announce by Oct. that he will no longer run for president in the 2010 elections? Instead, Señor Los Ojos will run for VP. He must be realizing by now that his main backer Don Reloj del Docena will not risk spending millions of pesos on his presidential candidacy if there is no certainty of him winning nationwide. In fact recent surveys show that while Los Ojos figures prominently among the presidentiables, he has a stronger showing as a VP candidate.

So it seems Don Reloj would rather see Los Ojos be a VP to another presidentiable, Señor Banquero, who is the Don's friend as well, and who may have better chances of winning. Perhaps, too, Don Reloj trusts Señor Banquero bec. the latter has more political savvy and a wider experience in the business of running a gov't. Besides, if the Don supports Señor Banquero's presidential candidacy, he would only have to spend P50M at the most, the latter not exactly in penurious circumstances like Los Ojos. It's all business for Don Reloj, even in politics.

(Photo from this web site.)

LASTLY, ITEM #3: Da who are these two ranking officials of the Philippine government recently caught displaying their affection towards each other in Paris, the city of lights, and love? They were said to be very intimate towards each other in public places like it was nobody's business! Although they were in Paris on official business, attending meetings and such, sources said, they timed their attendance so they could be together during this wonderful time of the year, spring! Je t'aime, mwah! mwah!

El Jefe is a vital member of the presidentita's official family and is always in the news, while Señora Assumptionista, currently holds a position as a special envoy. What's interesting about these two lovers is that they are not married to each other, but to other people. Oooh-lala! How very French!


Anonymous said...

i have an idea of who the firs two are, but the last one, no. any clues sis? since i stopped covering the palace, wala na akong kilala don eh. ching!

Stella Arnaldo said...

The guy's first name starts w/ an E. The girl's first name starts w/ M. Isipin!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

emily and miranda (of devil wears prada with an H?)