June 25, 2009

Pi !

NO, I'm not talking of that expletive famously uttered by Sen. MAR Roxas in a rally, but Philippine islands, the newest line from the Cebu-based Islands Souvenirs of the ever-busy Jay Aldeguer. Colonial Americanos called the Philippines "P.I." during their time and some of Pinoys abroad strangely still call the Philippines the same. I always try to disabuse them from using the term because of course, its current connotation is completely different.

(Guess what I got in the mail today!)

(Suspense muna...)

Anyhoo, I guess Jay thought it okay to bring the term back in fashion and since they are using a lowercase "i", it won't be mistaken for anything but "Philippine islands." But then, it could also mean the mathematical constant 3.1416. Hmmm...must ask Jay about this.

(Drum roll pls!)

I got one of the Pi shirts in the mail today, and although it's late for Independence Day, I love it! (Thanks Jay!) The shirt is uniquely Pinoy as most of Islands Souvenirs' products are. In his letter Jay says:"The slogan of our new line is 'Wear Your Pride,' where we aim to inspire the love of country in all Filipinos especially the youth of today."

Just brilliant and truly reflective of Jay's love of country! The Pi line is available in all Islands Souvenirs outlets nationwide. And to all those who've been bugging me about how they can order Islands Souvenirs shirts online, Jay says he will have a transaction site up and running very soon. So, abangan.

(Tadaah! Cute noh? I think I'll wear this to the next anti-Con-Ass rally.)

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