May 27, 2006

Bank chismis

Though panic withdrawals by trust fund depositors are a hot item in the banking community these days, I would rather choose to talk about juicier topics. When this publicist was still connected with a bank, she did nothing except promote herself in press and photo releases in her quite laughable pursed-lips-forehead-towards-the-camera poses. She had such an easy life by paying other people to write her press releases while she went on doing her own thing on company time. She even managed to find time to get married to an ex-drug addict. (Now what did an ex-boyfriend of hers say about the union? "Once an addict, always an addict.") None of the journalists who covered the bank as part of their beat liked her because she didn't know quite well how to relate to them...considering she was in "public relations." It is amazing how she managed to escape internal audits considering the amount of padding in her budgets and expenses. I suppose her bosses were just too stupid to investigate matters which were labeled under "PR expenses," considering how they try very hard to protect their bank's most sacred name. And we hear that while this publicist has now retired from the company (we surmise because she wants to have more time with her husband whom she is financially supporting as well), she still managed to land the account as its external PR. Amazing how this woman can get away with murder.

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