May 24, 2006

Oh Soozy, we miss you!

The Pinoy blogging community is still talking about the disappearance (or deletion) of Soozy Hopper's blog. "Confessions of Soozy Hopper" was such an entertaining read, as she (actually "they," as there were lots of writers and contributors) exposed the nasties among the high society or may I say, "feeling high" society? Snort! snort! The wanna-be's you often read about in lifestyle columns penned by who else? but them, just went up in arms over this blog. Rumor has it, one of the targets complained to about the vicious attacks on their person/s so the site had to delete it. Talk about sticks and stones! Oh poor Soozy, we all miss you! But I'm pretty sure she will surface somewhere soon, nastier than ever. Speaking of one of Soozy's targets, I don't even know how that guy got to be editor of a publication! Please naman, know the difference first between "further" and "farther" before working for a magazine! What's your address? Lemme send you a nice little book called, "Elements of Style" by Strunk and White! Oh the horrors!

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