May 20, 2006

Mall of Asia...Wow!

Huge doesn't begin to describe the Mall of Asia. I was there this afternoon for its launch and man! my feet hurt! I went started going around at 3pm and ended at 7:30 pm and I don't think I even saw everything. Those who want to lose weight should try that mall for exercise. Seriously, I think I lost 10 lbs just by going up and down and walking around. There are still a lot of stores that aren't opened, especially the high-end name brands, so if you guys intend to do some full blast shopping, wait until about July. But guess what store was so crowded today? Surplus Shop of course! Everyone was there! From the sosyal matronas and officials in business suits to the masa were rummaging through the piles and piles of seriously inexpensive clothes. The line was so long at the cashier I gave up. It was nice to see family patriarch Henry Sy just seated outside Hypermart with some friends and family members having some merienda. Boy, the man can really totally retire now that his Mall of Asia has opened. I mean, how can he ever top this?
(Panoramic photo courtesy of SM)

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