May 19, 2006

Manila bans Da Vinci Code!

Que barbaridad! What in heaven's name were these Manila petty politicians thinking? Oh right, politicians don't have brains, only big mouths! Such guardians of morality decency and religion! The film already carries an R-18 rating which already guarantees less moviegoers. And do they think by just banning it, the Manila residents won't watch it? They'll go to Pasay, Makati or Quezon City instead where the theaters there will rake it in. And not to mention give more taxes to their respective mayors! How can you expect the Philippines to prosper when you have narrow minded petty politicans running the government? And what about the separation of Church and State? My question is, did they even watch the film? For all you know, their citizens won't watch it anymore because most critics have already dissed it. Too long a story for such a short book. And if you haven't read the book, you'll likely get lost in the plots subplots and countless flashbacks. Too much ado over nothing! Hay naku, what can you expect from a city run by a former Bayanihan propsman? It's bad enough they have those giant sputnik lights along Roxas Blvd. now they even have multi-colored lanterns along Nagtahan Bridge. Really distasteful! Hoy councilors, kung wala kayong magawa, magsabit nalang kayo ng ilaw!

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