May 20, 2006

I love SM!

Just some of the shops now open at the second floor of the Mall of Asia. This place was made for shopaholics!
Water fountains at the entrance, designed to feng shui specs I suppose. Notice the curves of the facade. Sexy!
Ground floor of Mall of Asia. People look happy and excited! What a mall culture we've become.

I couldn't help but snap away inside and outside the Mall of Asia using my trusty Treo 650. What can you do? I love department stores. I practically grew up in SM (and Rustans). Blame it on my mother who used to lug me around every Saturday to the old Makati Commercial Center just to blow my father's salary. Hahaha! I'm not complaining of course. Pwede ba, nakinabang din ako? Truly I love SM--it's got everything for everybody. Foodies will also love going to the Mall of Asia because there are just so many dining outlets to choose from! Of course you have the usual fastfood joints and budget restaurants found in most SM malls. But there are also a lot of fine dining restaurants that have found a place by the bay. What's cool about this is that they actually do face Manila Bay so after a long shopping day, you can relax and have some antipasti and red wine at Grappa's or rounds of rum/coke or mojitos at Mojitos, al fresco of course, and watch the glorious sun setting over the horizon. Fabulous! And wait 'til you see the IMAX! Huge screen and 600 seating capacity. Over the top talaga!

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