September 02, 2007

An end to wakes, finally

IT seems in the past two years, I have not been doing anything except going to wakes and attending funerals of friends and relatives. My own father passed away recently. I felt so horrible about it that I refused to go to any more services...I just felt like death was hounding me at every turn. It was depressing.

Last month, however, it seemed that things were turning up for me. For a change, I was invited to two baptismal ceremonies/receptions. What a relief! It was like a rush of fresh clean air that had blown my way...and I'm glad. What a joy to see bouncing babies and their cherubic smiles. Such angels! Yes, there is an end to grief and sadness. New life heralds new hope and a future filled with all the possibilities one can imagine.

So happy christening Baby Matthew, and my new inaanak Baby Araw! The world awaits the amazing things you will be doing.

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