September 22, 2007

NBN-ZTE deal suspended!

HERE'S the report from GMA News:

Suspended lang? Why not cancel it altogether? E 'di ba talagang na-suspend naman yan ng Supreme Court? Duh!

As in our previous experience with the GMA administration regarding tainted government projects, this gives them a chance to resurrect the NBN-ZTE deal in the future, possibly in a different form and under a different name but with the same corruption-riddled components. After all, how can they not push through with the project when so much bribes have been made already to the key government officials who have been pushing this project? You think these people will return the monies already paid to them? For all we know, the tainted monies are no longer here but in some Swiss government accounts! Oh! Is that why someone hastily left for Europe recently? Hmmm...

I'm glad the Senate will still continue its probe despite the project suspension. We wait with bated breath on what Sec. Romy Neri will say. Word has it that he has beefed up his security...obviously there are some powerful people up there who want to shut him up. We need to get to the bottom of this controversy and have some closure. Some heads do have to roll. We only ask the good Senators to please listen to your colleagues so you don't waste time repeating their questions?! Nakakairita e.

Click here for Sen. MAR Roxas' reaction.

As for the guy below, he's trying to claim credit for the suspension of the ZTE deal...ang kapal talaga! Like didn't Speaker de Venecia say it earlier this week? Another winner from GMA News:

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