September 22, 2007

NYT opinions now free!

IN case you guys still don't know it, you can now access the New York Times' opinion/editorial page and read the pieces for free. Management probably realized the paper wasn't making enough money anyway from subscribers to its TimesSelect, and besides, you could read some of their columnists in certain blogs or like here, in some newspapers. Well thank God that NYT management has awakened in the 21st century and realized it is actually living in the era of a continuing Internet revolution. So folks, read on!

This is a link to a very timely piece by one of my favorite NYT columnists, Maureen O'Dowd. It is timely because it talks about a Chinese goverment official who was executed for taking bribes. Before he died, he wrote a confession about his mistakes. O'Dowd, in her trademark wit, "ghost-writes" a confession for US President George Bush. Is anyone ready to do this for GMA and her cohorts?

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