September 30, 2007

We're No. 1! Archers stump Eagles 65-60

And our Tees rock! Click Animoism

MY boys did it! All their hard work and training paid off (thank you Coach Pumaren). They did their homework, saw what went wrong in the earlier game with Ateneo (primarily weak rebounds and assists), and came back to pull the rug under the feet of the Blue Eagles.

Sunday's game started out very weak, almost boring at first. The Archers' star player TY Tang was a little off and kept on missing baskets. And Chris Tiu kept on scoring for the Blue Eagles. But my boys hung tough. We were always in the lead, except for a few chamba shots by the Ateneans. But the Archers had a solid play. Our aim was true and it brought the birds down.

No doubt about it, we will get the UE Red Warriors as well!

So ano'ng masasabi mo ngayon, Romy Neri, you no good Atenista you?

(Oooh, my favorite government official isn't so happy about today's game either. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Sayang gwapo ka pa naman, kaso Atenista ka. Hehehe! Turn your cars around, guys! Baha na naman sa Katipunan!)

Btw, we truly appreciate U.S. Ambassador Kirstie Kenney wearing green this time around, when it counts the most. See, even the Americans are on our side!

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