October 01, 2007

Abalos resigns!


Finally this kapalmuks is letting go of what should have been an honorable and respectable position as chairman of the Commission on Elections. Remember when everything was clean and orderly under Christian Monsod? We should get him back to head Comelec.

But of course, Abalos doesn't lose anything by resigning considering the millions of dollars in lagay he was supposed to have received from ZTE China to shepherd the National Broadband Network into place. He is pretty much taken cared of for the rest of his life.

For sure Malacañang had a hand in Abalos' resignation. The Presidentita knows fully well if the House impeachment motion is carried out and hearings are held, Abalos may be forced to tell the truth about what he did for her in the last presidential elections. Afraid! Kaya, bye-bye nalang ke Abalos anyway kumita na sila. Not unless they're asked to return the moolah!

Click Abalos nalaos for PDI's take on the Comelec chair's resignation.

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