October 12, 2007

LV dreams

This isn't the one I dreamed about but it's sexy. I'd love to wear this! I found it on the Designer Exposure web site kaso it's sold na e. Ewan ko lang, it could be fake kasi $300 something lang cos it's on sale. Haaay.

Dang! I must be reading too much of Chuvaness again. Even her Louis Vuitton obsession is invading my dreams!

Anyway, going back...this afternoon I was dreaming I was shopping in Rustan's and there was an ongoing sale. From a hundred feet away, my eyes automatically zoomed on a pair of LV ankle boots! They were like magnets that pulled me in (I dunno how I got to the display shelf so fast without bumping into other shoppers) and I picked them up marveling at them like works of art.

Each boot was like in almost clear plastic with the LV logo in white stamped all over and the top of the ankle part was trimmed in beige in the same fabric, while towards the sole, the area was also in beige until the medium stack heel. Hello?! I dunno why it was in plastic or looked like it was plastic, it's a dream nga noh?, but the pair looked really good to me. I thought it was so perfect to wear during this rainy season.

(Just as a back story: I've been a boot girl since the late '80s and currently own about six pairs all in leather, mostly right above the ankle and one covering my calf. The last is my favorite because of its classic short sloping stacked heel, burgundy color and oh-so-soft leather. I bought the pair on sale in London and altough made in Italy, it cost me the equivalent of only P5,000. Of course this was like three years ago but the pair is really matibay and still fashionable because of its classic look. Talk about value for money!)

So I asked the saleslady how much the LV pair costs and she told me P22,000. I gasped! and she quickly added that it was already 90% off! Man, that's one expensive pair of boots! I told the saleslady that I wouldn't be able to sleep well that night thinking of the lovelies. I looked up to the ceiling, at the other customers, and circled the shelf where the boots were on display about a hundred times, as I tried to compute how much I would pay each month if I charged the purchase to my credit card. I was almost sure I was gonna whip out the plastic, but then I awoke with a start. My mom was knocking on my door because the reupholsterer was already downstairs to meet with us. Saved!

But this one takes the cake! Found it on eluxury.com, supposedly the only site where you can buy real LV goods 'cos the company owns it. Shet ang gandah! Pati ang price...$1,180.00 lang naman. Lord, make me win the lotto pls!)

Now I'm mildly obsessing whether the pair of LV boots I dreamed about actually exists that I've been googling "Louis Vuitton plastic boots" like mad for about 30 minutes already. So if anyone knows if such a pair has ever been manufactured, please tell me and end my suffering! Kalowka!

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