October 07, 2007

Animo La Salle! We're No. 1!

DIDN'T I say so?!

It was a great game today, despite the false starts and almost snoozy first quarter but our Green Archers really revved up their animo to trounce the UE Red Warriors 73-64. It was an historic season for La Salle...after seeking the crown for the longest time and after sitting out last year's season, we finally made it (despite the nasty play by some of the Red Warriors...you know who you are). My hands are still stinging from all the clapping (couldn't cheer as I'm officially down with pharyngitis...rats!) but it was worth it.

Kudos to Coach Franz Pumaren for training our boys really well. Of course, the players this season made all the difference – brilliant shooting and offensive plays by TY Tang, Rico Meirhoffer, Cholo Villanueva, JV Casio, and the rest. Sorry Red Warriors, you fought bravely but in the end, it's experience that counts. And our boys have it. Congratulations Green Archers, well done!

See you for more spectacular superb playing next year, people! (Read the story of our win in BusinessMirror.)

Hail to De La Salle!
We'll hold your banner high and bright,
A shield of green and white.
We'll fight to keep your glory bright,
And never shall we fail,
Hail to thee our Alma Mater!

Btw, can anyone tell me where I can get those Championship T-shirts and caps the players were wearing today? I want!


And for your reading pleasure fellow La Sallians, here's a piece from a weeping Eagle:

Blue Eagle woes
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
Phil. Star, Oct. 7, 2007

It is not the best of times for the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Indeed, my fellow Blue Eagles have a lot of reasons to be dispirited if only for unfortunate events that had transpired in the last two weeks.

Controversial Atenean and First Gentleman (FG), Mike Arroyo, had figured anew in another scandal, this time, the contract for the ZTE National Broadband Network. “Back off!” — FG Mike Arroyo’s alleged order to ZTE scandal whistleblower Joey de Venecia — now rings so uncannily like French Queen Marie Antoinette’s arrogant “Let them eat cake” rebuff to the hungry cries of her subjects. Text messages circulated revolving around that “Back off!” incident.

Each time FG Mike Arroyo is implicated in scandals, Blue Eagles find themselves at the receiving end of text jokes from La Sallians who are smacking their lips in delight at having new reinforcements for their arsenal of friendly ribbing against their traditional archrivals from Loyola.

One even sent a text message suggesting that the spelling of our alma mater’s name has just been changed to ZTEneo.

(For the rest, click Eagle woes)

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