October 08, 2007

Jessica to the defense!

MY lovely Jessica Zafra has just written a piece on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart's "Cory's a slut" episode. Thank you for explaining it to the idiots who didn't get the joke. I was so incensed about them I didn't want to bother anymore. I mean clueless is clueless, what can you do?

But it's a puzzlement to me, you know? For a people who have the reputation of being able to laugh at ourselves in times of political crisis, I don't understand why there were those who couldn't get the joke on Cory. Are you brain dead from the lack of proper nutrition? Ayan...di kasi kayo kumakain ng galunggong eh!

Anyway, here's the link to Jessica's blog. Just don't believe her about Jon being her mistress. He would never do that to me. If you people still didn't get that, you're really hopeless.

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