October 02, 2007

Quote of the year

Senior Comelec officials told Newsbreak that Abalos’s resignation was long overdue. “We’ve been waiting (for his resignation) for the longest time. The Comelec suffered in credibility because of him,” said one poll official who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of antagonizing Abalos. “He is leaving no legacy. Instead, he took everything away: integrity, honesty, transparency, good governance,” said another.

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Araaaay...ang sakit mo naman magsalita, kapatid!

I think the Presidentita should take this opportunity to regain her lost credibility and for once appoint someone honest and respectable to head the Commission on Elections. Anyway, she can no longer run for President so she doesn't need anyone to fix the votes in her favor. Ay, but then she has that loser son pala, who couldn't make it in showbiz so now he's into politics also. Oh well...

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