October 25, 2007


THAT'S what government probers are saying caused the explosion at Glorietta 2. I think that's a load of crap. From the little I've read about how excrement (human or otherwise) can produce methane gas...it would take tons and tons of it to actually explode.

Consider our open dumps like Smokey Mountain or the landfills in Montalban and Cavite...no methane gas explosion has ever occurred in those areas despite the mounds of garbage sitting on them. Of course one could argue that the dumps are out in the open and have ventilation and G2's basement was not. Still, I would side with the UP chemists who rule out the gas explosion. Are there any chemists working in the PNP Crime Lab? (Yeah, yeah, I know this is no Gil Grissom/CSI setup.)

I'm interested in what the Australian and American investigation teams are going to conclude. I doubt though if they would release their own findings to the public and possibly risk humiliating the obviously inept investigation of our own police force, especially if their findings are contrary to what the latter has concluded.

Look, I have no love lost for Glorietta mall management and its incompetent security force. But I severely doubt that in terms of construction and structural maintenance, Ayala Land, the mall owner, would be remiss as well. For the company not to install a proper ventilation system in their basement where all the sewage tanks and pipes run through is a violation of building codes. It would never have been allowed to open any of its malls if this were the case, especially in a strict city like Makati. (Btw, give those Castilaloys some props...they acted very wisely in footing the hosital bills of those injured.)

So I can't blame Ayala Land management for disputing the PNP report, and still calling the explosion a "bombing." I supppose this also has to do with the company's insurance claim...if government probers believe neglect caused the explosion, the company won't be paid. But I think it goes beyond that. I think Ayala Land owners know something we don't. I know that even if the Zobels and the wanna-be Castilaloy Presidentita speak the same language that they are not friends. Yeah, there are two Castilaloys who are BFFs of the Presidentita, but they sure aren't Jaza nor Fernando.

UPDATE: Fabulous Jessica thinks I may temporarily blinded by my lust for Fernando Zobel (just him hon, not your mistress Jaza) that's why I'm still harping on my conspiracy theory. Hahaha. Seriously, I'll take the word of the UP chemists over our police force anytime. I hope I'm wrong but you really can't put anything past the Presidentita's administration these days. People will always believe the worst about GMA and her dogs simply because she is the most vile manipulator that has ever sat in Malacañang. And even if it were a bombing, this still doesn't absolve Ayala Land of any liability. It will have to pay for its shoddy security measures.

Btw, the Brits aren't discounting the terrorist angle still. And surprise! Makati Mayor Jojo Binay who is no good friend of the Zobels either, want an independent investigation into the blast considering the conflicting and confusing statements the PNP is making. What strange bedfellows in this time of a highly-charged anti-GMA atmosphere no?

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