October 30, 2007

US, Aussie experts rule out bomb in mall — PNP chief

By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
Inquirer.net 10/30/2007

MANILA, Philippines — Affirming their initial findings, US and Australian experts have ruled out the theory that a bomb caused the explosion at a mall in Makati City where 11 people were killed and scores were injured, Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon Jr. said Tuesday.

Razon said the reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Australian Federal Police contained findings that would point to the incident at Glorietta 2 last October 19 as an "accidental gas explosion."

PNP Directorate for Intelligence chief Dante Ferrer said they were expecting the official reports from the US and Australian bomb experts later Tuesday.

Razon said the PNP was finalizing its report on the incident and would likely follow the accident angle.

He said the report would be completed "in a few days."

Razon added the President has been informed of the report by the foreign experts.


So has anyone actually seen copies of these reports from the FBI and Australian experts? If I were the one covering this running story, I'd make sure to secure these reports first before I even write about this conclusion.

It's very easy for Razon and company to use the reports and twist them to their own end since they and they alone saw the reports. Unless someone can actually get those FBI and Aussie documents and reveal them to the public or post them online for everyone to read, I'd say these reports are just a figment of Razon's imagination. Of all people, Razon should know that the PNP and its allied agencies aren't exactly the most trusted institutions in this country.

(Razon photo from www.cooperativeresearch.org)

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