October 07, 2007

Paging Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano (aka ang mamang walang baba)

HEY Sen. Alan Peter! Will you please get off your ass and continue the hearings on the ZTE broadband deal? Like real soon? People around these parts are already obsessing over American TV shows and protesting left and right to real or imagined slurs on Filipinos and an ex-President who did nothing to improve the system of landholdings in the country because her family owns a huge hacienda in Tarlac!

Give these bored people something to occupy themselves with for heaven's sake! They need a new drama anthology to watch on TV. Or baka naman it's true that some high-powered businessman kitchy-kooing with the Malacañang residents are leaning on you to deliberately slow down on the hearings? I'd hate for Sen. Jamby Madrigal (aka ang babaing laging nakatungo) to be right about you.

Speaking of kitchy-kooing businessmen...the usual reticent ICTSI chairman and president Enrique K. Razon issued a press statement last week saying he has no time to engage in local politicking and kibitzing. His name was dragged into the ZTE broadband controversy by the runny Romy Neri, former Director-General of the once respected National Economic and Development Authority, who had accused Razon of berating him at a party over the raging ports liberalization issue.

Said Razon: "In a year, I spend almost 200 days out of the country. How could I possibly find time to participate in these political issues? We operate in 10 countries aside from the Philippines so how can my being involved in politics help me in these 10 countries? It just doesn't make sense," he said."

Umm, sige na nga.

BFF? Presidentita GMA at the ICTSI port in Shandong, China, with Enrique K. Razon to her left. (ICTSI photo release)

(Disclosure: In a previous frenetic life, this blogger was business editor of Manila Standard - now Manila Standard Today – which is owned by Enrique K. Razon. Seriously, okay naman sya. I just don't like some of his pushy annoying arrogant friends. They know who they are.)


GAME OVER! DLSU Green Archers will beat UE Red Warriors today! Promise!

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