October 29, 2007

Tagaytay trip

HOLY MOLY! I haven't been to Tagaytay for a year and already, there are so many changes! More inns, restaurants, and kooky places to visit. Getting there was a drag though. With practically only three lanes on either side of South Luzon expressway open (the rest were being repaired) it took me and my travel buddy more than two hours to get there coming from Quezon City. Good luck to everyone going home to their provinces this Todos Los Santos. If I were you, I'd just stay put and light those candles for your dearly departed at home.

We dropped by Ilog Maria in Silang, Cavite for its heavenly soaps and healing honey-infused products such as the anti-sore throat spray and lip balm, as well as some insect repellant. Guests are bound to get carried away by all the interesting stuff owner, Joel Magsaysay, has on display. Unfortunately, our tummies were already growling, we couldn't stay and chat some more with the gregarious Joel, who has just started experimenting making sourdough breads. Next time we visit, we hope to get a taste of them.

Surprisingly, Verbena restaurant at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay had amazing dishes that were really sumptuous and delightful. My favorites are the Pan-seared Foie Gras (my heart just skipped a beat just writing it), Oyster Fricasse, and Herb-marinated Mushrooms and Organic Arugula. (A more incisive review in a future entry.) We were just stuffed I couldn't eat my dessert anymore.

I'm looking forward to having another go at Chef David Pardo de Ayala's other exciting new creations (like the lamb ravioli) in another trip soon.

Check out photos from the trip at Flicker.

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