October 16, 2007

The intelligence aspects of the ZTE broadband deal

Not intelligent though to realize her foundation isn't pantay. Calling Joan Zapanta! Pls. get the Presidentita a new makeup artist.

(IN an email, net activist Gerry Kaimo asks pointed questions about the intelligence aspects of the ZTE broadband deal. While I doubt that the Chinese government is interested in us at all considering the bumbling stupidity of our government leaders and amateurish techniques of corruption in this country they surely will not learn be able to learn from, his musings are nonetheless valid.)

Gerry writes:

Can we get someone to explain to the forum the intelligence aspect of the deal? China can and will tap all those lines and it's like a spy's dream of Christmas come early. If they install it, they will obviously arrange it so that firewalls will have enough "holes" in them to manage to tap into the entire system. So instead of sending a slew of spies, they just have to switch on their PHILIPPINE CONNECTION Computer and have a couple of hundred geeks monitoring the Philippines. I can't get over how with all the military people in GMA's junta, so blinded are they by other aspects of this deal that basic rules of intelligence gathering are about to be initiated by China and used for whatever devious plans they have. Military intelligence, economic information, data from one barangay to another all the way to DILG (Department of Interior and Local Governments) to Malacañang will fall into China's hands. Considering their Big Picture plans on Asia, it still hasn't dawned on them [GMA and company] that no other country in ASEAN has gotten into a deal with China, be it ZTE or whatever other lead-based company is involved. It just doesn't make sense."

Yes folks, Gerry is an Atenean. Thankfully, he's one of the good guys...unlike you-know-who's husband.

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