October 02, 2007

KSP theory...and the deal between the Pacman and Ara Mina

MY throat hurts and I'm feeling fluish again. So blame the analgesics I'm taking for this wild theory on why Romy Neri doesn't want to tell all. Perhaps he's actually enjoying all this attention? After all, when has a certified geek ever been noticed?

After finishing high school at the Ateneo (uuuuy...pareho sila ng school ni FG Mike Arroyo!), he was class valedictorian and graduated magna cum laude from UP. But so what? Did he get any of the adulation he apparently had been craving for while doing the numbers of private companies or as a teacher? Neri actually gained popularity only when he headed the Congressional Planning and Budget Office because it churned out studies that the media lapped up on slow days, when nothing was happening in Congress.

Even when he was NEDA Director-General, he never stood out because he allowed the agency's oversight functions to be emasculated by his Presidentita. (It used to be that heading up NEDA was a prestigious and well-respected government position. I remember a time when its DG would even lecture the IMF team on money supply growth during review missions of the country's programs. Pahiya ang IMF, walang alam sa economics.)

Then he tried his hand at golf, but couldn't even pay to play unless invited by members of other golf clubs. Actually, our friends who are avid golfers say that's how smart Neri is. He would use other people's golf memberships to play – the reason he was at Wack-Wack in the first place where the alleged bribe attempt of Comelec chairman Benhamin Abalos took place. Juice me! Ka-cheapan! Ayan, nadale ka tuloy sa ZTE.

So maybe Neri's really just stringing all of us along, basking in the attention he would never have gotten nor deserved in all his life. It's like the guy who people force to sing karaoke in front of an audience and kunyari hesitates, but 'yun pala, me dalang minus one! Neri is loving every minute of all this drama with the senators who try to force him to disclose his conversation on the ZTE deal with his Presidentita. E kelan pa sya sisikat ulit anoh? KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin) lang talaga siya! Chus.

In the meantime, did you guys know there was this rumor which went around last month about an affair between boxer Manny Pacquiao and Ara Mina? Well, I didn't know until I read the denial today of Pacquiao's wife, Jinky (maganda sya, in fairview), that she and her husband were fighting about Ara. How kalowka is that?!

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