January 12, 2009

'Are we not human?'

I READ this today on the Al Jazeera web site, and it really brought tears to my eyes. It is a cry from an anguished father who can't do anything to protect his children – young ones who have to sleep to the sound of gunfire and shelling every night. He feels helpless and at the same time incredulous that the international community cannot stop the atrocities.


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lapadmata said...

i guess hamas should also stop taking regular potshots at israel, for the israelites to stop battering gaza... the real challenge here is for both sides to effectively reach an accord and for both sides to honor the accord in a lasting manner.. easier said than done. the roots of conflict in this matter are so deep and complex, one wonders whether or not this case will ever be resolved. in the meantime, i/we grieve over innocent lives lost in the middle of the conflict.