January 20, 2009

Mercury in retrograde: Perspective is everything

"What’s more, we go out of our way to make sure we stay out of Mercury’s way while never once wondering why it spends 21 days “pretending” to go out of its way for us. We count the days until it goes direct, believing that when it does, having dodged the “retrograde bullet,” our lives (and Internet access) will return to normal, and we’ll be back at the top of our intellectual game once again. I couldn’t disagree more."

Interesting read here
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So far the only impact of retrograde Mercury on me right now is my slower Internet access. And there was one time that I wasn't even affected at all. Maybe because I didn't even know we were in that period.

Perhaps we're obsessing too much about it, that's why it affects us the way it does. Like, I'm supposed to have some minor surgery done, but want to put it off until after Feb. 1, when Mercury goes back to "normal." It's supposed to affect one's mental clarity so why trust your anatomy to a surgeon right? But my case is rather puny compared to his other surgeries! He can do this procedure while lying down siguro bec. this is just a small procedure (but then, I'm very scared of doctors, surgeons, dentists, etc.) So, naniniguro lang ako.

But, as the article mentions, this is also the best time to be looking for missing stuff, or getting people to dish secrets (in my profession as a journalist, that is very helpful), so perhaps, being under the influence of a retrograde Mercury doesn't have to be all that debilitating.

What do you think?

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