January 16, 2009

Pinoys to make money easily in Year of the Ox

EASY come, easy go.

This is the overall reading for the Philippines in the Year of the Ox by renowned geomancer Joseph Chau of the Mandarin Oriental, Manila. “The location of the Philippines is in the wealth and prosperity direction [southeast],” he said in his press conference on Wednesday; thus, Filipinos in general will have an “easy life” in 2009.

But he cautions that even if they can earn money with no difficulty this year, “you know what they say, ‘easy come, easy go.’” Mandarin Oriental’s annual Chinese New Year festivities will be held at 10 p.m. on January 25. (The rest of my story in BusinessMirror.)

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I'll try to post the rest of the predictions for the individual zodiac signs. Must scan first. Stay tuned for that.
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(UPDATE: Citigroup Reports Big Loss and a Breakup Plan Hmmm...so much for Citi's finances turning around, as per Master Chau's prediction.)

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