January 24, 2009

At last

Saw this on Chuvaness' blog...takes your breath away doesn't it?

Except for the fact that it was Beyoncé singing"At Last," I thought the first dance was soooo lovely. (I prefer the Nat King Cole version, and since this was President Obama's moment, I thought they should've picked a male singer instead, no offense to Beyoncé fans.)

But this is why everyone seems to be attracted to the First Couple. Even as they dance, they look into each other's eyes, whisper, they look so in love w/ each other. It's kinda difficult to fake this, unless you're an artista. If you watch their interviews, you can see how close they are to one another. They hold hands, they joke around; their relationship is warm and very real, full of mutual respect and honesty. Sigh. Crush ko sila both.

* * * *

BTW, those who are wondering, "At Last" was first performed by Glenn Miller and his orchestra – my dad was a Glenn Miller fan so we have his records – for the film Orchestra Wives. Though it was Nat King Cole who made it popular in his day - yep, dad had his albums too - the version that apparently everyone else is aware of is that of Etta James' who changed some of the lyrics. This was the version Beyoncé sang at the first Inaugural Ball.

* * * *

HOWEVER, for a country supposedly in recession, that was a pretty huge price tag for the Presidential Inauguration. At $170 million, it was the most expensive in U.S. history. What's more, Wall St. helped pay for it. I thought that was kinda tacky.

Honeymoon's over kids. Wake up and smell the sewer.

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