February 26, 2009

Good news...the sky isn't falling

Here's an interview I did of one exporter who isn't suffering from the economic crisis:

Mama Sita’s maker says global crisis will push its exports

COUNT this among the heartwarming exceptions to the adverse impact of the global crisis. Unlike most exporters, Marigold Commodities Corp. believes the economic crisis plaguing most of the Western hemisphere will actually boost by 25 percent this year the sales of its Mama Sita’s brand of marinades, mixes and sauces.

“Because we’re in the food business, we think the economic crisis will encourage more people to cook more at home. They’ll avoid eating out, so it’s more economical to buy our sauces or marinades, our mixes, and cook at home. Our mixes cost 69 cents across-the-board. So we’re hopeful our exports will still grow this year,” said Jane Rubinos-Taguinod, export sales manager of Marigold, in an interview with BusinessMirror. (Read the rest of my story here.)

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