February 09, 2009

Grazie Mike

MIKE Francis is dead na pala. Sad naman. He passed away on Jan. 30 and from what I deduced from the Italian web sites, he died from a lung tumor, w/c I suppose means cancer.

One online French newspaper even cited his popularity in the Philippines outside of his native Italy. (He did release an album called Mike Francis Live in Manila, which to this day, remains one of his most popular albums ever.)

I caught one of Mike's concerts here in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum back in the day when the bleachers cost P25...oof! I loved his cool danceable tunes and have such wonderful memories of those times his songs were playing. Fashion aside, the '80s was really a great music period for me.

Let Me In (1984)

Survivor (1984) Ang saya-saya naman nila.

Medley w/ Adika Pongo, probably one of Mike Francis' last public appearances.

You can view other Mike Francis videos here

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