February 25, 2009

McDo says: Don't be a hero

(Nigel Haskett photo from the Arkansas Times.)

THIS is really disturbing.

McDonald's employee Nigel Haskett saved a woman from getting beaten up in his restaurant. In the process, the assailant shot Haskett, who had to undergo several surgeries, thus pushing his medical bills to reach $300,000.

Instead of saying thank you to Haskett for protecting its customer, and helping him defray his medical expenses, McDonald's insurer junked the young man's claim for worker's compensation. According to them, his injuries "did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment.”

McDonald's message is: Don't be a hero. If a crime is being committed in the restaurant, just call 911. This is what McDonald's calls good corporate governance. Its executives are truly touched in the head. And you wonder why its mascot is a scary orange-haired clown. Read it here.

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