February 20, 2009


AFTER Chef Anthony Bourdain's feature on Philippine cuisine, here's another Pinoy food story for you. Goat's head I can take, rat parts, I don't think so! People w/ delicate tummies should not read. Ick!

The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) is now investigating a complaint filed by an employee of the network giant ABS-CBN who claimed that the tomato sauce that his wife used in cooking contained what appeared to be a “heart of a small mammal” suspected to be that of a rat.

The complaint filed by Mario Bautista of Bacoor, Cavite, and an employee of the ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation, is now being heard by the Bfad in Quezon City.

Bautista said the entire family was traumatized after discovering that the tomato sauce they used to cook spaghetti last year was contaminated with rat parts. (Click here for the rest.)

No idea why this story was only published now when this happened last year. Imagine how many people may have gotten ill from consuming contaminated tomato sauce from this well-known food brand. Yikes!

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