January 08, 2010

Bayan bago sarili

Oras na. Roxas na!

* * * *

BTW, I just wanted to alert everyone on the Black Ops being perpetrated by the camp of another presidentiable vs Noynoy and Mar. They labeled a can of sardine and bottled water w/ the "Operation Tulong Bayan Aquino-Roxas" and photographed via cellphone. Then they sent the photo out via Facebook, tagging columnists and his party-mates.

Operation Tulong Bayan was a movement set up in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy to collect donations and distribute them to the typhoon victims. Let me tell you that I was part of OTB along with hundreds of young people who selflessly volunteered their time to help our kababayan in need. We know for a fact that none of us put labels on those items w/c were distributed as it was a non-political effort. Many of them will be able to testify to this fact.

(At the OTB headquarters, in Sept. 2009: unlabeled care packages ready for distribution to typhoon victims. Photos by Stella Arnaldo)

(The kids who made Operation Tulong Bayan possible. Are you seriously accusing them of politicking?)

The entire world knows which presidential candidate labeled his Ondoy donations with his name and political colors. Just because his numbers in the surveys are still behind, he is now trying to turn the tables around, by accusing front runners Noynoy and Mar of the same. W/ all the money that this presidentiable has, he should've just use it instead to print more of his posters, bec. no one will believe this lame black ops. Besides the photo is four months late, nyeh! SMB! (Style mo bulok!)

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