January 22, 2010

With a bit of luck, some geomancy, and lots of prayers

THERE was a time in Marites Allen’s life when she didn’t feel on top of the world like she does now.

“I got married early, and had three small children back in Cebu, then my marriage fell apart. I also lost my mother in a tragic accident. I didn’t understand why all these things happened.” At that time, she was working for AusAid, the Australian government’s overseas assistance program, and some of Marites’s bosses were into feng shui, or the science of geomancy. It was explained to her that she was married to the wrong guy and that her house had “bad feng shui”. Eventually, she moved to Manila to start her life anew. (Click Something Like Life for the rest.)

* * * *

(For more information on the Feng Shui Spectacular 2010: Riding the Golden Tiger Updates, please call any WOFS boutique at The Podium – 5716898; Serendra – 9097088; Glorietta IV – 8188858; Mall of Asia 5560615; The Block North Edsa – 4420113; and Metro Cebu – 231 4088. Other hotline nos. include 4126888 / 4672195 / 0920-9509390 OR ARIVA hotlines at 895 8058 / 8958527 / 890961, or you may register through www.maritesallen.com.)

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