January 08, 2010

Moving soon!

THIS being the season of merriment, este, the election campaign season, and seeing that this blog has now become a mish-mash of my convoluted thoughts on anything and everything, I've decided to create a totally separate blog just on politics/political topics.

I'll keep you posted on when I'm launching that blog, tentatively titled "Pulitika2010," which will not only feature my opinions on current political issues, but also the opinions of others I respect in the blogging and journalism communities. It will also try to aggregate interesting bits of news/info, facts, and data in the runup towards the May 2010 polls.

As for this blogspot, it shall remain as a repository of my column and news stories/lifestyle features which are regularly published in the country's leading business daily, BusinessMirror, and in other publications; and will often update it with my usual insane thoughts and weird view of the world. (Or should that be my thoughts and view of this insane weird world? Hmmmm...)

Anyhoo, stay tuned!

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