January 25, 2010

Natural woman

I WAS about six or seven years old when I first heard Carole King sing. It was via my older brother who owned her Tapestry album. Even if I probably didn't know the meaning of all her lyrics then, I just know her songs touched me in a way no other female singer did (aside from Barba Streisand, of course).

The album had great songs, which have since become standards like You've got a Friend, Natural Woman, I Feel the Earth Move, So Far Away, among others. As a woman, you can't help but feel connected to her lyrics, so simple, yet brilliantly written, capturing women in all stages of love and independence.

My brother is now long gone, but I think his Tapestry album is still somewhere around the attic. Some years back, I bought a CD reissue of Ms. King's Live at the Carnegie Hall concert (1971). Among all my CDs, this is probably my favorite as it features a surprise number from James Taylor.

Last night on David Letterman, I caught the tail end of Ms. King and JT's performance, as they're promoting their Troubadour reunion world concert. Carole may have lost some of the high notes, but she still looks and sounds amazing for a gal her age. (As for JT, he still sounds the same, but now even w/ less less hair hence the hat. Ach.)

I hope they can come over to Manila to perform as they have a huge number of fans out here. As per Ms. King's website, so far they only have Japan on their list, as far as Asian playdates are concerned. Rats! Maybe some concert producer here can bring them over.

Anyhoo, enjoy.


Dennis Garcia said...

according to steve o'neal... the handers are asking for $1-M/show... so no takers from asean countries... our loss... sighhhhhh

Stella Arnaldo said...

Hwat? Geez ang mahal naman! Pwes let's all wait for the concert on DVD and then download it nalang via torrent. That'll teach them! hahaha ;p