January 18, 2010


I'm not a fan of Kris. I always find her dramas exhausting. But what I hate more is a moron and a man-whore taking advantage of a woman who loves him. So I applaud Kris for walking out on James Yap who just can't seem to keep his pee-pee in his pants. Hope she finally realizes she deserves a better man than this. Frankly I find it strange that an intelligent woman like her keeps hooking up with losers. Hay, as my friend Coffee Cup says, "we're all fools for love."

Oh, and phooey to Sen. Nonoy Aquino's political rivals for using this latest issue of Kris against him. Pwede ba, hindi naman si Kris ang tumatakbong Presidente? If she were, mas lalo pa kayong matatalo! Hahaha!

Seriously, even American presidents had siblings who gave the family and the White House severe headaches: Jimmy Carter had the drunk brother Billy; Bill Clinton had his druggie half-brother Roger, and not to mention, Hillary's trying-hard influence peddling brothers Hugh and Tony Rodham; even current U.S. President Barack Obama's half-brother George, was arrested in Kenya on possession of marijuana. Unfortunately we can't choose our relatives.

Despite these 'headaches', all these Presidents did their jobs remarkably well. And compared to these U.S. presidential siblings, I think Kris will be less of kahihiyan when Noynoy becomes President. I laugh at the comments of Noynoy's critics that Kris will act like his First Lady when he becomes President. I don't think so. She'll be much too busy w/ her career and endorsements, trying to earn back all the funds she spent on her brother's campaign. Also, she will be tending to her children, who may be w/o a father/father figure soon. Or who knows, she may be even looking for a new husband! Try and try until we get it right, Kris.

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Anonymous said...

Go Noynoy Aquino for President! I hope that Kris and James will fix the problem as soon as possible.