November 05, 2007

Calling all Theresians!

Received this in my mailbox. Girls, pls. help.

Dear Theresians,

STAAQC (St. Theresa's College Alumnae Association of Quezon City) is embarking on a project dubbed "December Interlude... A Sisters Act for the Queen of Peace". This affair will be on Sunday, the 9th of December at the new Queen of Peace Chapel located at 61 Banawe Street, QC. There will be an afternoon tea at 4pm with Theresian chefs preparing the light snacks in the garden. The highlight of the occasion is a concert by the Theresian Alumnae Chorale. Thereafter, everyone is enjoined to join the Sisters in their community vespers.

This is for the benefit of the elderly ICM Sisters who have selflessly and tirelessly served us in the prime of their lives in STC Baguio, Cebu, Manila and Quezon City. The motherhouse in Belgium is not anymore in a financial position to care for these sisters who do not have medical insurance. Your generous gift of five thousand pesos will benefit the increasing number of retired ICM Sisters needing medical attention, additional rooms and facilities at the Convent.

If you are interested, please email me. If you know of Theresians or batches who may want to help, please let me know as well. We also have a list of medicines which the Sisters take regularly. You may want to help in making these available for them.

Thank you and let us respond positively in this season of sharing.

Margarita Penson-Juico (Margie)
Chair, Ways and Means Committee
Vice-Chair, STAAQC

(Pls. pass this to Baguio, Cebu, Manila, Quezon City Theresians)

* If interested you can call the STAA office at 740-0115, Marissa Bay (0917-8301251/ landline - 952-6621)

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