November 14, 2007

The perils of vanity (with update)

Coroner awaits toxicology test results in death of Donda West

"Adams told that he performed a tummy tuck and breast reduction on West last week and that her death was unforeseen. But another Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon said he had recently refused to perform a procedure on West until she had a medical clearance for a condition he feared could lead to a heart attack.

"The preliminary information we had indicated that she had several minor medical issues," Winter said, "but I can't comment on those." He also said she was taking medications, but could not comment on which ones and in what dosages pending the toxicology reports."

(Read the rest at CNN)

This is what happens to hard-headed patients and those who go to pseudo-cosmetic/plastic surgeons who aren't board certified to do surgery on patients and deal with medical complications. Here in the Philippines, among their kind belong those who use celebrities to endorse their clinics. They also charge the highest rates, btw.

In any surgery, patients are required to seek a cardio-pulmonary (CP) clearance to make sure they can safely go under anesthesia and handle the rigors of the medical procedure. People shouldn't take this lightly. Only a fake doctor or someone who's after profits more than properly servicing their client's needs will ignore such requirements.

UPDATE: The doctor of Kanye's West's mom finally speaks: Click here and be warned of Philippine doctors who practise in the same unethical manner. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.

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