November 15, 2007

More on Tony Leung

THANK you Francine for clueing me in on Tony Leung interviews on YouTube. I spent a good part of this rainy morning half in bed and cradling my iBook just surfing YouTube for videos of this delish actor.

It amazed me to find out that he started his career like many of our own artistas here, in some That's Entertainment-like variety show in Hong Kong (or was it Taiwan?). No wonder he sings and dances too. Pang-Dats talaga hahaha! Anyway, I'm also posting one of his MTVs here. (Yeah, yeah, that's how hooked I am on this guy. Couldn't understand a frigging word of Cantonese or Mandarin but hey, it's still those eyes that mesmerize that makes me pay attention.)

But aside from being a great actor, Tony is really intelligent. He thinks and knows his characters inside out. This is not a bobito like some of the present crop of the artistas here and abroad. No wonder a lot of famous film directors want to work with him. Magaling sya talaga! Sana ma-discover na sya ni Martin Scorsese and uses him in a really fabulous movie. (Frankly, I don't know what Marty sees in Leonardo. He's just a pretty face...not much of an actor though.)

Shet...I wanna go to Hong Kong and stalk Tony Leung! Sigh...

An interview for Lust, Caution (

Photos of Tony Leung by a fan

An interview in 2001 on working with John Woo and Kong War Kai...grabeh, he's so smart!

Bonus MTV...sappy but Tony really looks yummy! Haay!

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